Analysing Voter Trends: What Recent Polls Reveal About the New Zealand Election

The latest Taxpayers’ Union/Curia poll tells us that the Labour Party has crashed down to less than 30%. This means that the National Party and ACT have enough support to form a cabinet. The same poll shows that New Zealand First and Winston Peters are standing above the 5% threshold. This means they’ll be returning to Parliament. The Labour and National party leaders are level in the race for preferred prime minister. This is happening for the first time ever.

National Up, Labour Down

For those keen on political betting and insights, the Taxpayers’ Union/Curia poll showed that the National Party is up by 1.6% points from 34.9%. Labour is down by 4 points, to 27.1%. ACT is on 13% and the Greens are up 3.1 points to 12%. New Zealand First is on 5.8%, up from 2.5 points, and Te Pāti Māori is on 2.5%.

It’s Looking Good for New Zealand First

If National or ACT loses the smallest bit of ground, then the New Zealand First party may form part of the next government. Support for PM Chris Hipkins has fallen, but he has gone up 2 points in the Preferred Prime Minister stakes, to 25%. Christopher Luxon, of the National Party, is up 5 points and ACT’s David Seymour is on 7%.

This data follows on the results of the recent Newshub Reid Research poll. This indicated that National and ACT may well form a government with 63 seats in parliament. This is due to Labour dropping down to 32.3%.

The Verian poll in July also indicated that ACT and National would be able to form a government with a one-seat majority. And the most recent Herald Poll of Polls has probability for National and Act doing this at 59.1%.

Top Election Betting

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Along with keeping up with the latest poll results, we advise you to find sites that make political news available and to watch out for the various experts giving their opinions on television shows and print media.