Tennis – Guide To All The Top Tournaments

Every year, the annual tennis calendar is jam-packed with electrifying tournaments and fierce competition among players.

In our article below, we explore the biggest tennis tournaments in the world, and also offer some betting tips for first-time enthusiasts.

Australian Open

The Australian Open takes place in Melbourne, Australia, and hails the start of the tennis calendar in January every year.

Known and sometimes feared for its scorching temperatures, the event offers blistering matches on hard courts and is as appealing as horse racing and other high octane sports.

The tournament has seen several legendary battles, which has made it a firm favourite among fans and sports bettors alike.

French Open

Played on the iconic red clay courts of Roland Garros, Paris, the French Open is held annually in May and June.

It is known the world over for its unique playing surface, and it’s a tournament that presents a sturdy challenge for its players.

Roland Garros has witnessed the dominance of legends like the beloved Rafael Nadal, who has an impressive record competing on especially clay.


Wimbledon is considered the most prestigious tournament of them all.

To tennis lovers, it epitomizes tradition, grace, and elegance.

Held in London during late June and early July, players compete on meticulously maintained grass courts.

The tournament’s rich history and memorable matches, played on the Centre Court and its famous “All England Club,” have etched unforgettable moments in tennis history.

US Open

Concluding the Grand Slam calendar, the US Open takes place in New York City in late August and early September.

Known for its electric atmosphere, the tournament features hard-court action under the bright lights of the Arthur Ashe Stadium.

US Open betting often delivers big thrills as the tournament showcases the resilience and fighting spirit of the world’s best tennis players.

ATP Finals

The ATP Finals serve as the season-ending event for the top-ranked men’s singles and doubles players.

Competed in November, this prestigious tournament sees the top eight singles players and doubles teams battle it out to claim the title.

The event’s format guarantees intense matchups as the best of the best compete for ultimate men’s tennis glory.

WTA Finals

Similarly, the WTA Finals brings together the top-ranked women’s singles and doubles players for a thrilling showdown.

Taking place in October, the tournament follows a similar structure to the ATP Finals, pitting the elite competitors against each other to determine the ultimate women’s tennis champion.

Masters 1000

The Masters 1000 tournaments represent a series of prestigious events held throughout the tennis season.

These tournaments, recognized for their significance and prize money, are crucial for players aiming to climb the rankings.

Key Masters 1000 tournaments include the Indian Wells Masters, Miami Open, Monte-Carlo Masters, Madrid Open, Italian Open, Canada Masters, Cincinnati Masters, Shanghai Masters, Paris Masters, and the year-end ATP Finals.

Tennis Betting Tips

  • Before placing your bet, do thorough homework on players, form, playing surface, and the weather.
  • Get familiar with different betting markets.
  • Consider making the most of live betting.
  • Read up on surfaces.
  • Bet responsibly. Stick to a budget and manage your available bankroll wisely.