The Most Underrated Sports to Bet On

Sports betting is one of the most entertaining ways to participate in sports culture. But there are so many different sports to choose from, and some tend to get more attention than others.

Thanks to giant tournaments like the NFL, football is the world’s most popular sport to bet on. But there are loads of others worth looking into for wagering that make just as much money – and don’t necessarily always involve throwing balls.

If you’re looking to diversify your sports betting hobby, take a look at this list of underrated sports to bet on that are equal parts exhilarating, accessible, and financially rewarding.


Who knew that competitive fencing offers one of the most undervalued opportunities for successful sports betting in the 2020s? Honestly, most people. This fast-paced game of swords and swashbuckling is immensely entertaining and has a healthy wagering affiliation.

The way to win with fencing betting is by accurately guessing which swordsman gets more “touches” or “hits” on the other player.


Golf is a controversial sport in the sense that some people find it extremely suspenseful, and others find it slow or boring. But one thing can be agreed on: it’s a great sport to bet on. As long as you know the rules of the game, being a spectator can be a thrilling experience.

This game often flies under the betting radar due to its slow-paced nature, but that just makes every win all the more exciting.


A lesser-known variety of tennis, badminton makes another great option for sports betting. Each flick of the racket creates new possibilities for the outcome of a game, making this sport one of the best ones to follow as a spectator – and as a bettor.

Often referred to as the fastest racket game in the world (yes, even more so than tennis), betting on badminton is an unforgettable thrill that not enough people know about.


The game of curling involves sliding large pucks of stone across ice in an attempt to land it in a particular zone on the other end of a rink. A hidden gem of Olympic sports, curling is a surprisingly complex game, with many avid bettors following its trajectory.


Rugby may not be an underrated sport in general, but it’s not as popular as other international games like soccer and football. Extremely physical and quite aggressive at times, watching and betting on rugby is an experience that will keep you gripped from start to finish.

This 80-minute game is renowned for its high energy tackles and range of formidable international players – and it’s time people started recognizing its true sports betting value.

Final Thoughts

If football isn’t your thing, don’t worry – there are other sports to bet on that still make you money while watching a riveting game. With these super exciting yet surprisingly underrated sports, you can win big without the need to share your profits with the rest of the world!