What Type of Online Slots Should You Play?

These days, there are so many different types of slots to play online that choosing just one can feel overwhelming. While keeping a rotation going is what most sites recommend, every now and then, one gets in the mood for something more specific.

Some of the most popular slot types include video, fruit machine, progressive jackpot, mega spin, and classic. If you feel like playing some good old online slots but aren’t sure which type to choose, take a look at this list to help you decide!

Immersive, crazy theme fan: Video

If your motto is “the weirder, the better”, you’ll most likely have the best time playing a video slot game. This is a genre of slots that tends to have the craziest and most immersive themes ever.

You can find video slots in themes like Planet Exotica, Monty Python, and so many more. They’re great for visually oriented people who just want to have a good time.

Simple, low-stakes fun: Fruit Machine

Fruit machine slots are one of the most popular slot types for a reason – they are reliably simple, easy to play, and very fun to watch. Who doesn’t want to watch cherries, watermelons, oranges, and cantaloupes while playing one of the greatest games around?

Feeling lucky: Progressive

Progressive slots are perfect for when you’re feeling lucky. In a progressive slot game, you spin the reels of a slot that’s connected to a network of slot machines that share the same jackpot, upping the ante considerably.

Every bet you place and every bet every other player places goes into a central prize pool, and the jackpot keeps growing. It can reach millions before one lucky player hits it at random or triggers the necessary symbol combination to make it pay out. After this, the jackpot seeds again and starts to grow once more.

Experienced multitasker: Mega Spin

If you’re in the mood for some next-level slot machine gaming, go for the mega spin! In a mega spin slot, you can play up to nine games at the same time.

That might sound like a lot of games, but it’s worth it for the prize. Because of how many active games you play, your chances of winning increase exponentially. Plus, you still get to choose and set your bet amount for each.

Casino nostalgia: Classic Slots

There’s nothing like a classic game of slots – just like old times. If you’re feeling nostalgic for days gone by, you can pretty much never go wrong with a satisfying game of classic slots.

Designed to replicate the original slot machines created at the dawn of casino culture, classic slots are simple, elegant, and easy to play every time.

A Slot For Every Player Preference

There are dozens of online and mobile pokies worth playing, but that’s part of what makes choosing one so difficult! Fortunately, this guide is here to help you make a decision. From colorful fruit machine slots to classics, there’s a slot variety out there for everyone. In the meantime, why not give them all a try?